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Supporting Women in STEM

career Resources

General Career Development Strategies

- How to create a career development plan WEBLINK

- Career Planning: Career Development Action Plan WEBLINK

- AAAS Individual Development Plan WEBLINK

- Guide for Women and minorities in STEM WEBLINK

- BestColleges.comCareer Information:

         - Women in STEM: an editorial exploration on the state of women in STEM
            with several interviews from women in the industry and a collection of scholarships.
         - Career Guide for STEM: featuring paths of study, specializations, job options, as
            well as an interview with a woman with 23 years of experience working in STEM.
        -   The Best Colleges in STEM

Resources for People with Disabilities

- Disability Employment information WEBLINK

- Disability Resources WEBLINK

- Blind and Visually Impaired resources in Arizona WEBLINK

- National Disability Resource site WEBLINK

High School Student Opportunities

-USDA Pathways Internship WEBLINK

Undergraduate Student Opportunities

- SOLS Advising Website listings WEBLINK

- ASU SOLUR Undergraduate Research Program WEBLINK

- Intern Match WEBLINK
- Preparing for and Finding an Internship Position WEBLINK

- Simply Hired Internship Positions in Arizona WEBLINK

- Jobs for Arizona Graduates WEBLINK

- Mayo Clinic Initiative for Maximizing Student Development (IMSD) WEBLINK

- Mayo Clinic Postbaccalaureate Research Education Program (PREP) WEBLINK

- TGen Helios Program WEBLINK

- USDA Pathways Internship WEBLINK

- ASU/NASA Space Grant Internship WEBLINK

- Undergraduate Training Opportunities in Emerging Model Organisms EDEN WEBLINK

- Research Experience for Undergrads/Portland Oregon WEBLINK

- The Clinical Recruiter WEBLINK

- Federal Government Job Search Site WEBLINK

Graduate Student Opportunities

- SOLS Graduate Student Funding Opportunities [Facilities, Training, Field Work] WEBLINK

- Initiative to Maximize Student Development [IMSD] WEBLINK

- TGen Helios ProgramWEBLINK

- USDA Presidential Management Fellows Program WEBLINK

- ASU/NASA Space Grant Fellowship WEBLINK

- Cornell Database of Fellowship Opportunities WEBLINK

- NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program  (GRFP) WEBLINK

- EDEN RCN Fellowships WEBLINK

- Reviews of online Masters in Engineering Degree Programs WEBLINK

- Federal Government Job Search Site WEBLINK

Postdoctoral Student Opportunities

- SOLS Postdoctoral career training and Funding Opportunities WEBLINK

- EDEN RCN Fellowships WEBLINK

- Federal Government Job Search Site WEBLINK

- Keystone Symposia Fellows ProgramWEBLINK

STEM Professionals Mentorship/Fellowship/Funding Opportunities

- ASU/NASA Space Grant Mentors WEBLINK

- EDEN RCN Fellowships WEBLINK

- Grants NowWEBLINK

2017 - 2018 Job/Career/Fellowship Opportunities

-Checkout the Association for Women in Science (AWIS) Career Center!  Click Here

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